How Online Customers Make the Decision to Buy

How Online Customers Make the Decision to Buy

Not everyone shopping online is an impulse buyer. A would-be consumer may scan scores of different product listings on a website before deciding. When the seller understands how the buyer plots a purchasing decision, the chances of upping sales figures increases. Millions of consumers share three fundamental buying decision traits. Here is a look at those three traits.

Moved by a Visual Image

eBay and Amazon ads most commonly feature sharp visual images accompanying a listing. Have you ever seen an advertisement with a gray box next to it showing, “no image available?” Such listings look horrible and do nothing to motivate a buyer. Now, an ad for a bicycle that is presented well-lit, properly composed photo of a bike pique a potential customer interest? Someone skimming ads for a new bike may click on the bike’s product description to learn more. Choose photos, illustrations, and other images wisely. An image alone might not completely sell a product, but it could help sway a buying decision immensely.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews are enormously crucial to customers. A bad purchasing experience represents both time and money lost. Since you can’t predict how a merchant will treat you, looking at past customer reviews make sense. And reviews, good or bad, fair or unfair, paints a picture. The number of venues publishing online videos is vast, so sellers can expect to hide their service quality. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more represent venues featuring unfiltered reviews. Finding scores of published reviews won’t be difficult. A framework developed by ALC combines multiple sources of online reviews and complaints filed with the local BBB or compliance organizations. Exploring the framework could reveal insights into what to expect from a seller. 

Examine Awards and Honors

Top sellers often receive special honors. Awards for consistently deliver excellent service create valuable impressions in people’s minds. Customers don’t overlook honors bestowed upon a business. When the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce singles a company out for exceptional performance, something happens. Customers feel confident. Promote these awards to frequent online shoppers to draw their interest. Business owners should strive to make their enterprises stand out. And make sure your company is considered for top awards. You can’t win something if you aren’t in the game.

Predicting how and what customers purchase isn’t easy. Different variables factor into why someone chooses to buy or pass on a product. Excellent customer service, reliable marketing, and accepting common traits among shoppers all work together to help improve the odds of making sales.

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