Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

When your business grows it becomes virtually impossible to maintain 1:1 relationships with potential customers. Through marketing automation, we are able to nurture visitors, building increasingly deeper and more meaningful interactions with all who are interested in your products and services.

The Internet has raised the expectations of the modern consumer to a point where you are no longer just competing with companies in your category, but also being compared to non-related businesses on multiple dimensions.

Marketing automation is the great equalizer for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to keep your customers (or potential customers) deeply engaged through meaningful and ongoing communication that resonates and influences. These days, marketing automation is a must-have for competitive businesses.

It’s been said that if you only make money while you’re awake, your business owns you. But if you make money while you sleep, you own your business. Marketing automation helps you to make money while you sleep!


eMedia uses Infusionsoft for its own marketing automation applications, and as such, we’ve become pro’s at making it do what we need, along with integrating it with other platforms. We’re also familiar with and have used for our clients other marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, SharpSpring, Salesforce, and others.