5 Tech Must-Haves to Aid Marketing Automation

5 Tech Must-Haves to Aid Marketing Automation

If you want to have success in today’s business world, you need to have incredible marketing strategies. This involves automating your marketing with the right strategies. If you don’t, you will miss out on market opportunities to grow. Here are five tech must-haves to help you when focusing on making your marketing more automated:


One of the most critical parts of automating your marketing is a CRM. With the right CRM, your team doesn’t have to do things manually, saving time and money for the company and allowing you to focus on higher level sales strategies and customer service. For instance, your sales team can put notes in the CRM in real time while on the phone and the software will save this for later use and automatically make it available across platforms to customer service, management, and whoever else needs it.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Your sales funnel will determine how many sales and conversions you get. Whether you are looking for more subscribers, more fans, or more purchases, make sure you have automated the various parts of your sales funnel. Everything, from the top down, should talk to each other. This includes ad campaigns, landing pages, and popups for signing people up. If your business takes sales calls, then you can also automate customer service calls with a virtual receptionist that performs call forwardin, screening, and appointment scheduling. Automating these parts of your sales funnel will go a long way toward boosting sales and furthering your marketing campaigns.

Analytics and Review

Deploy an analytics platform to make sure you can collect and look at your data in the right ways. Without information today, you might as well be shooting in the dark. With the right approach to analytics, you can make changes to reduce spending and improve targeting.

A/B Testing

You likely have more than one advertisement for your company. If you have to test each one by hand, you will never have enough time to do other tasks. Use A/B testing software to automate this testing process and even rotate the best performing ads right into the mix.

Marketing Integration for Better Automation

All of the tools above are essential for marketing automation. However, to take it to the next level, consider a dashboard. Building a custom UI for your team that integrates all of the most important information can save time and increase efficiency.

In the digital world that business operates in today, automation wins. When you let your marketing become an even better asset for you by leveraging the tools and tactics above, you can stand in a class all your own. That way you can attract more customers and engage them for higher conversion rates while lowering your costs for better profits.







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