5 Digital Marketing Methods to Dominate the Marketplace

5 Digital Marketing Methods to Dominate the Marketplace


If you don’t have digital marketing methods that work by now, you’re not going to stay competitive in today’s technology-based marketplace. Even if you have adopted digital marketing techniques, do you know how effective they are? Consumers require you to show up a certain way whether they connect with you on social media, via search or over email. Help your audience stay in the loop by showing up in the ways that they demand.

Keeping your digital marketing strategy fresh will generate the traffic that you want and convert leads into sales. Instead of making common digital marketing mistakes, hone your strategy with the following methods to keep up with the ever-evolving promotional environment.

Know Your Audience

To deliver what your audience needs, you must know what they want. Understanding that requires you to have a keen sense of who they are.

You may have an idea of who your ideal customer is. Get specific by defining how they spend their time; this will tell you how they’re likely to spend their money. Identify their passions and pains. Once you do that, you can speak to them with personalized messaging.

Determine which problems your products or services resolve. Define which needs your offerings to fulfill.

If you’ve had a digital marketing strategy for a while, you can turn to that for data. Analyze the audience that engages with you the most. Look at your competition. Once you know who is likely to buy from you, you can adapt your marketing strategy to their values.

While your target customers are often online, they don’t spend all their time in the cloud. If your prospective clients want to engage with you in person, you need to be ready. Many businesses need to attract customers at trade shows and vendor events. Customize your trade show with portable displays that are designed to capture their attention and set you apart from the competition. Use design to evoke emotion. Create interactive exhibits that invite your audience to connect with you. Your in-person marketing strategies should parallel your digital ones.

Develop Clear Goals

Once you know your buyer persona better than your best friend, you need to specify the results that you want to achieve with your digital marketing strategy.

Some common strategic objectives for digital marketers include:
• Increasing traffic
• Boosting social engagement
• Getting new leads
• Converting leads into customers
• Enhance your customer lifetime value
• Bring back inactive and absent customers

Make your goals measurable so that you can track the results. If you don’t, you won’t know if your tactics work, and you might be sinking money and time into ineffective strategies.

This goes for social media post as well. Social media algorithms are always changing. These platforms don’t favor posts by businesses unless the content is extremely relevant and meaningful. Therefore, you need a plan to add value to your target customer’s feed.

Document Your Systems

Marketing often feels like an experiment. That doesn’t mean that you should treat it like one.

Instead of flying by the seat of your pants, record what you do with your promotional strategy. Being able to analyze it objectively along with measurable data, will clue you into what’s working.

Once you have established your goals, work backward. Come up with action steps that will allow you to make your objectives happen.

You don’t have to try all the possible strategies at once. After you have documented your tactics, move through them methodically, measuring the results as you go along. You’ll be able to refine your methods as you notice the strengths and weaknesses of your techniques.

The magic lies in gaining clarity on what drives results. Once you know that, you can repeat it for optimal outcomes. Don’t stop tracking and testing, though. As the market changes, you’ll have to adapt.

Perfect Your SEO Strategy

The people who don’t find you at trade shows and via social media likely access you via your website. Effective SEO helps them find you when they’re searching for information that’s relevant to your business.

Some proven SEO techniques include:
• Updating your tags and URL with keywords
• Using keywords naturally throughout your website
• Keeping people engaged with visuals
• Placing backlinks to authority sites on your posts

Harness the Power of Case Studies and Testimonials

Social proof encourages people to make purchases. Place testimonials on your website, and consider posting case studies to enhance your authority, drive traffic and convert leads.

Stories appeal to people’s emotions. They bypass the rational mind, which can act as a devil’s advocate and convince customers not to buy from you. When people learn how your company has helped others, they’ll develop trust in you and see you as a credible solution for their problems.

Digital Marketing Methods That Work – The Bottom Line

If you haven’t implemented the digital marketing methods above, it’s time to revamp your digital marketing strategy. Measure and test the results to create an approach that you can repeat to make your business skyrocket.

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