An SEO’s Guide to Google Analytics Terms

An SEO’s Guide to Google Analytics Terms

There is a fire hose of data coming out of Google Analytics. Here’s a great summary of key terms you should be familiar with as you start to understand what Google is trying to tell you.

We all know Google Analytics is a powerful tool for serving up actionable data. And one of the quickest ways to get that data is to be clear about what all those terms mean.

If those questions sound familiar but you’re not sure of the answers, read on…

Because as soon as you understand all the Google Analytics terms, you can begin to get closer to the actionable data you need, the kind of data you can use to increase visitors, sales, and sign-ups.

Google Analytics can show what pages you need to improve in order to rank higher in organic search. It shows you if your copy needs tweaking, keywords need updating or meta-descriptions re-writing. It also tells you if your call to action button is converting or not.

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