eMedia Is Now a WSI Certified Agency

WSI Certified AgencyIn 2017, eMedia became a WSI Certified Agency, one of the first as part of their new Agency Accelerator Program. While there are many, many companies that say they are working in the Digital Marketing space, we feel that clients should eagerly seek out digital marketers or agencies who are: continually learning, looking toward the future of the industry, pursuing certifications and proven best practices, and aligning themselves as partners with industry leaders, all towards the goal of being the best. Partnering with WSI contributes significantly towards eMedia being this type of agency.

Who Is WSI?

WSI is the world’s largest network of Digital Marketing Consultants with its head office in Toronto, Canada. Its network of consultants spreads across more than 80 countries and six continents. WSI Digital Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of small and medium-sized businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced digital marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Digital Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels. In 2017, WSI received 7 Awards at the Annual WebAwards organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA), bringing their total WMA Award tally to 75. Our brand’s UVP “Global knowledge, local results” is underlined with the security in knowing our services in local markets are backed by an international network and corporate presence. Every client experience and digital solution benefit from local expertise as well as global collaboration amongst our team and strategy partners. This means that our client’s don’t need to struggle to decide if they want to work with a local agency or larger company; they get the best of both worlds.

Why Did We Do This?

  • Like you, we want to grow our business. Finding new customers is a challenge for every business, no matter the industry. WSI’s marketing resources and sales training ensure lead generation is never a problem. A consistent, predictive revenue stream is the goal of any business, and WSI’s has a perfected model to help us meet that goal.
  • World-Class Training: We get access to supplier webinars highlighting products and services we can offer our clients, regional meetings with sessions and seminars on the most impactful digital marketing trends, advanced boot camps designed to hone specific marketing skillsets, and online courses and certifications to expand our sales and business opportunities.
  • Agency Network – with over 1,000 WSI Consultants operating in more than 80 countries, we now have direct access to a knowledge and experience base that spans virtually every type of business in every type of market.
  • WSI Buying Power – We now have access to WSI’s eMarketplace of fully vetted suppliers who can meet any type of digital marketing production need. Additionally, WSI has leveraged their size and negotiated the best possible deals, which means we can pass these savings along directly to our clients and be more competitive in the market. WSI’s buying power also extends to their partnerships with industry giants like Google, Hubspot, Centro, and SEMrush to name a few. By partnering with WSI, we are able to plug into unique “WSI only deals” that WSI has negotiated with these key industry players.
  • Digital Marketing Capabilities – With access to best in class resources that span all Digital Marketing activities, we can bring more products and services to our clients. If it’s related to Digital Marketing, we can deliver it.

The Benefits to Our Clients:

  • We’ll be offering an even broader range of services – all designed to deliver business growth. Working with a single agency instead of multiple vendors will save our clients time and money.
  • Strategic partnerships with Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, and other industry leaders allow us to stay cutting-edge, often getting inside information before anyone else.
  • By accessing WSI’s supply chain, we will be sourcing products and services at significantly reduced rates, rates we could never receive as a single business. Those savings will allow us to be more competitive in the marketplace and pass the savings along to our customers, allowing us to deliver greater value.
  • As a WSI Certified Agency, our clients get the benefit of working with a local agency backed by a worldwide corporation. The best of both worlds.

WSI’s Global Partners

As a WSI Certified Agency, we benefit from WSI’s powerful corporate partnerships with the companies, enabling us able to deliver more value to our clients.