Responding To Online Reviews: Do’s and Don’ts

A core part of business today is understanding the feedback offered by your customers. These opinions are typically in the form of an online review. In fact, there are numerous websites dedicated to these reviews for nearly every business. As a business owner or manager, you have a right to respond to both positive and negative reviews. There’s a certain protocol that goes along with these responses, however. Get to know the do’s and don’ts of online-review responses. You can effectively manage your reputation as a result.

Be Timely

It’s important to respond to both positive and negative reviews, reports Forbes. However, these responses cannot be added to the conversation many weeks or months after the fact. Be timely with your responses, such as one or two days after the review is time stamped.

Regardless of the wording, your response shows that you’re attentive to every consumer issue. People want to be acknowledged, and your timely response is a reflection of the human side of a business. Timeliness applies to every platform too, including social media posts and dedicated websites.

Avoid Defensive Responses

There will always be a reason for a particular concern. Consumers aren’t interested in reasons, states Broadly. They simply want a fix to their issue. Your responses cannot be defensive as the consumer pours out his or her frustrations online.

The shipping department may have lost power one day, or a product ended up with a defect upon receipt with the consumer. Regardless of the reason for a consumer issue, be honest and forthright with the person. Make the situation better by offering a reasonable solution.

Move the Conversation

Try to complete your response in a single explanation. Ideally, you want a positive response from the consumer that ends the conversation afterward. If you notice that the responses are turning into a tennis match of sorts, there’s an underlying issue.

The consumer may want a refund, exchange or explanation. Be as clear as possible with your responses. Acting coy or vague will only worsen the situation. Everyone’s time is valuable. Be ready to compromise with a refund or exchange so that the conversation can be completed.

Offer an Apology

Admitting fault is always difficult for anyone, including business owners or managers. However, it may be the best route toward a resolution. Offer an apology when the situation warrants one. Be sincere in the wording. Make it a sentence that stands out in the message. Many consumers respond well to apologies, which encourages them to return as repeat customers.

Don’t automatically add an apology onto a response either. Evaluate each issue as it arises. Some concerns don’t require an excuse, and customers would much more appreciate the company to take action, righting the perceived wrong with a refund, or some sort of coupon or promotion.

Don’t Use Offensive Language

You lose all credibility with consumers through online responses that include offensive language. Never take this route, even when the consumer initially presents you with an offensive remark. Maintain your composure through the message. Offer several solutions that may appease the customer. They may be too upset to respond with a civil remark, but your business still reflects positivity. You can only do so much before a person moves on from the online-review platform.

Consider Compensation

If a review includes a complaint about a product failure, considering a compensation is traditional. You might mention a discount on a future transaction, a replacement for the defective item or another compensatory measure. The exchange should be a fair one from a monetary standpoint as well as the consumer’s perspective. Looking like a “cheapskate” will only make the business appear like it only cares about profits.

Use the Word “Because”

Psychology is a tool that can help any business owner with online reviews. For the most part, people positively respond to a request or reason that includes the word “because.” This term inherently means that there’s an intention or purpose of a request. You might offer a discount “because” a product was defective upon receipt. When consumers see a cause-and-effect relationship within the text, they’re inclined to be happy about the resolution.

Remember the Optics

As you try to move the conversation, the consumer may be stuck on a certain point. It may be frustrating, but you cannot force the person to think or respond in a specific way. Remind yourself that other people are reading and keeping up with this exchange. Your reactions as a business are being gauged by other consumers.

By maintaining a level of professionalism throughout your response, other consumers will respect the fact that you’re trying to resolve an issue. You might gain a loyal following through the online response alone.

Business owners must understand that some reviews cannot be refuted or solved. The situation simply turned out one way or another. Use these reviews as corrections at your business. Mistakes will happen. It’s your decision to make a positive change as a result. Online reviews are helpful to both business owners and consumers alike. And if you think that you’ve done what you could, and your company is still taking some hard hits from that negative review, consider reputation management to help you take control of the perception of your brand.


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Why Content Is (Still) King

Ever since search engine marketing was in its infancy, content has been king. Even though you may hate sitting in a room trying to come up with a new content idea or lay awake at night wondering what new content you can create that will connect with your target audience better, content will never give up its throne. In many ways, content is an acronym for everything that you do to sell your product to your target audience.

Captivates Your Audience

Content captivates your audience by making a personal connection in their minds about why your product is the perfect solution to the problem that they face. Great content creates a memorable impression in the mind of your target audience.Keep in mind that to captivate, you’ll also need to create this content under a word limit. Articles that are too long with bore or exhaust them, and will lead to losing relationships, rather than opening them.

Opens a Dialogue

Content opens the door to interaction with your audience. Customers want to do businesses with people that they consider their friends and know that they can trust. Posting content on social media or opening comments on a blog gives you a chance to listen to your customers and learn what they think whether it’s good or bad.

Notifies of New Opportunities

Content paves the way to sharing information with your target audience whether you are looking to spread the word about a new service or product that you are offering or seeking to tell customers about a new use that you have discovered for an old one. Remember that it is far easier to keep a current customer than to earn a new one, but customers are always looking for a better deal.

Talks Directly to Customers

Content allows you to visit directly with your target audience providing them with the information they need to make your product or service more useful. Great content builds a personal relationship with your customer base.

Establishes Thought Leadership

Content provides you with the opportunity to prove that you are a thought leader within your niche market. It allows you to educate your target audience on why your solution is the right one to solve their problems.

Nourishes Relationships

Content feeds relationships with your current customers. It also allows you to establish a connection with new ones using the words per web page.

Tantalizes Emotions

Content allows you to play with the emotions of your target audience. After all, 90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.

If you are ready to see your business grow, then let us help you produce content that does all these things and more.

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5 Tech Must-Haves to Aid Marketing Automation

If you want to have success in today’s business world, you need to have incredible marketing strategies. This involves automating your marketing with the right strategies. If you don’t, you will miss out on market opportunities to grow. Here are five tech must-haves to help you when focusing on making your marketing more automated:


One of the most critical parts of automating your marketing is a CRM. With the right CRM, your team doesn’t have to do things manually, saving time and money for the company and allowing you to focus on higher level sales strategies and customer service. For instance, your sales team can put notes in the CRM in real time while on the phone and the software will save this for later use and automatically make it available across platforms to customer service, management, and whoever else needs it.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Your sales funnel will determine how many sales and conversions you get. Whether you are looking for more subscribers, more fans, or more purchases, make sure you have automated the various parts of your sales funnel. Everything, from the top down, should talk to each other. This includes ad campaigns, landing pages, and popups for signing people up.

Analytics and Review

Deploy an analytics platform to make sure you can collect and look at your data in the right ways. Without information today, you might as well be shooting in the dark. With the right approach to analytics, you can make changes to reduce spending and improve targeting.

A/B Testing

You likely have more than one advertisement for your company. If you have to test each one by hand, you will never have enough time to do other tasks. Use A/B testing software to automate this testing process and even rotate the best performing ads right into the mix.

Marketing Integration for Better Automation

All of the tools above are essential for marketing automation. However, to take it to the next level, consider a dashboard. Building a custom UI for your team that integrates all of the most important information can save time and increase efficiency.

In the digital world that business operates in today, automation wins. When you let your marketing become an even better asset for you by leveraging the tools and tactics above, you can stand in a class all your own. That way you can attract more customers and engage them for higher conversion rates while lowering your costs for better profits.